* 1. To what extent has your mentor made sufficient efforts to ensure you are having the best SOE experience possible?

  A large extent; my mentor is outstanding. Somewhat of a large extent; my mentor has provided adequate services. A small extent; I rarely hear from my mentor. My mentor has made no effort.

* 2. How did your relationship with your mentor progress over the year?

  It significantly improved. It somewhat improved. It remained the same. We began to lose touch. We completely lost contact.

* 3. How often do you reach out to your mentor?

* 4. How did your mentor help to ease your transition into St. John's University?

* 5. What SOE or on-campus events have you attended with your mentor?

* 6. Have you and your mentor met outside of SOE events? If yes, please explain.

* 7. What was the most enjoyable S.T.A.R. event?

* 8. What other activities are you involved in on campus?

* 9. S.T.A.R. uses the social media websites Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter to keep members up to date on SOE happenings and engage in professional, education-related discussion. Do you feel these websites have contributed to your overall S.T.A.R. and SOE experience?.

* 10. How can we improve the S.T.A.R. Program? Please use this section to describe your thoughts on our program overall, events, or the effectiveness of the coordinators.