* 1. Please choose the school your student currently attends.

* 2. What is your student's grade level for whom you are taking this survey?

* 3. Are you currently aware of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered at your student's school? Scroll to question 5 to see a list of programs.

* 4. Is your student currently enrolled in a Career and Technical Education course(s) or have they taken a CTE course in the past?

* 5. If yes, which course(s)?  You may chose more than 1

* 6. Are you aware that most Career Technical Programs offer coursework that prepares your student to take a National Career Readiness Indicator exam which can, if obtained,  award the student a National Certification? National Certifications (CRI's) may help improve future employment and pay.

* 7. Rate your student's experience in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) course(s)?

* 8. Has your student been a member of one of these Career Technical Student Organization's at their school? 

* 9. If yes, how was their experience?

* 10. Does your student plan to attend a post secondary education institution or enlist in the military?

* 11. Has your student showed interest in taking a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course, but was unable to because of a schedule conflict?

* 12. If yes, in what course could your student not enroll?

* 13. What is your students career goal(s)?

* 14. Are you aware that your student, if they meet the requirements, may take college level Career and Technical coursework at the local junior college while still in high school?

* 15. Are you aware there may be Workforce Development Scholarships available to pay for tuition, books, and supplies for students taking college level Career Technical coursework?

* 16. Are you aware that high school students have access to a Career Coach in addition to their counselor?

* 17. Will you encourage your student to make an appointment with their Career Coach to help them identify careers in their field of interest and the education needed to be successful in those careers?

* 18. Do you have any suggestions to help improve Career and Technical Education at your students school?