NOHVCC is collecting information about the types of insurance that OHV Clubs and Associations retain.  All personal and club-related information will be strictly confidential. NOHVCC is collecting this information as we are aware that insurance requirements are complicated and there are various options, coverages and providers that can easily confuse or frustrate those responsible for acquiring club and association insurance. 

NOHVCC intends to use the collected information to better understand how OHV clubs and associations are covered and how they are finding providers.  Ultimately, we hope to provide necessary information about minimum required coverages and help to identify insurers to NOHVCC State Partners and others in the OHV community.

If you are in more than one club or association, please feel free to take the survey for each organization of which you have information.

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* 1. Is your club or association a registered non-profit corporation?

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* 2. Are you responsible for selecting or purchasing insurance for your club/association?