Registration Fee $25

* 1. Name (surname, first)

* 2. Home tower or current domicile

* 3. Please enter an email address and phone number

* 4. I will attend the 12 Bell ringing course
Date: Wednesday August 30 through Friday Sept. 1
Cost: Free

* 5. I am interested in ringing a quarter peal.
Note: quarter peals will be on both tower bells (12 Bells) and on the mini-ring (8 Bells).

* 6. Please indicate your arrival and departure date and approximate time.

* 7. If you are interested in conducting a quarter peal, please indicate what method:

* 8. I will attend the Friday evening social event.
Location: Snell Hall, Cathedral Centre
Cost: $15.00

* 9. I will attend the Saturday night dinner.
Location: Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Cost: $45.00

* 10. Sorry The Shirt Order Date Has Now Passed