Hello and thank you for your interest in a pilot program for improving health through prepared meals and personalized nutrition counseling! This is a joint project between Wen Raiti of House of Leaf and Bean and Heather Borders of Kailo Nutrition.

Most of the program details are outlined below. If you are interested in learning more, there will be an in-person information session on June 17 (6:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.) at House of Leaf and Bean (14774 Beach Blvd.). In order to attend you must fill it out the form below. 

We are looking for 10 very specific individuals that are committed to improving their health through nutrition. 

This survey is not a contract, so entering information does not guarantee your participation.  This survey is intended to capture the contact information of interested individuals and weed out folks who may not be a great fit for this initial pilot program. 

Please read program details before filling out survey.  

Thank you again for your interest! If you are still interested, please click continue and fill out the survey! 

Taste Life, 

Wen Raiti & Heather Borders

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Culinary Nutrition Immersion

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