This survey seeks to find out your opinions and feedback on the UNODC Prevention Standards ( and on how they could be further improved. The survey has 4 parts (Are you familiar with the standards; Have you ever used them; How you think they could be further improved, and Who are you). Answering should not take more than 5-10 minutes of your time. The answers will inform and guide the development of the second edition of the Standards, with the aim of making them as user friendly and relevant for the needs of our different stakeholders as possible. We are truly grateful of any feedback and comments!

The UNODC Prevention team (

* 1. Select the option best describing your familiarity with the UNODC Prevention Standards

* 2. Have you ever used the standards in any capacity?

* 3. What contents of the standards you have found most useful?

* 4. How the Standards could be further strengthened and improved?

* 5. Are you involved in substance use prevention or health promotion? (please select as many as appropriate)

* 6. Who are you (please select as many as appropriate)?

* 7. Where are you from?