Thinking Ahead

Dear Friends,

At our July Vestry Meeting, we discussed the potential for looking at the year ahead for Saint Peter's--what most churches might call the "Program Year." For a long time now we've been planning things one month at a time. Now that we're settling in at our new space, and as we begin to think more deeply and intentionally about our identity as a parish, it's time to start making some long-term plans. 

In this survey you'll find some important questions about the transformation of our parish, as well as some space for you to share what you'd like to see us do together as a parish throughout the year ahead. These are opportunities to deepen our common life together, to dig further into our faith as Christians, and to discern and look forward to what God still has in store for us. 

Thank you for taking the time to participate, and we look forward to the great year ahead together. 

None of the questions below or in the pages to follow are required, but it helps us to have as much information as we can in order to engage in fruitful conversations and move forward together. 

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