* 1. Has the YET program made you stronger and more confident?

* 2. Will you say you have been able to contribute with knowledge, skills and added value to your CSO host organisation?

* 3. Please identify what you see as the most valuable elements rating from training inputs only( 1 ) to work experiences (6 ), or a combintiaon (in between):

* 4. Program feedback, scale 1-6, where 1 is no, 6 is Yes, the others are rankings in between

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Has the host CSO given you the necessary support?
Has the WWF CSO team given you necessary support?
Has MSTCDC given relevant and useful training?
How valuable will you say the YET program is? (1. Not valuable, 6 very valuable)
How relevant will you say the content of the training was?
Would you recommend the YET program to others?

* 5. Are there any issues you suggest we follow up on?

Other issues you want to raise?