* 1. Do you agree that Infowars should host Presidential Debates?

* 2. From a vantage point of supporting freedom, what is your general impression of Infowars?

* 3. Who do you think would make the best Infowars host for a Presidential Debate?

* 4. Do you agree that Infowars would do a good job of hosting a general Presidential election debate among all leading liberty-loving candidates regardless of party?

* 5. Do you agree that Infowars would far surpass what any mainstream news organization has been able to do by way of Presidential Debate moderation in recent years?

* 6. Do you agree that Infowars should limit their debates to five or less candidates who are the most liberty-conscious/supportive and capable of doing a good job as President, regardless of party? Those invited to the debate would be seen as being nominally endorsed by Infowars.

* 7. How many of the major Presidential candidates do you think would accept an invitation to appear in the first Infowars debate?

* 8. How much do you think the credibility of Infowars as a good host would increase after the first debate? How many candidates would want to be involved in the next debate hosted by Infowars?

* 9. Do you agree that Infowars would also do a good job of hosting a national election debate in other English-speaking Nations, such as the U.K., where they are familiar with the politics?

* 10. Please number the following items, with 1 being first, based in sequence or phases for Infowars rolling out this debate series. (Put a "0" next to items you think should not be done.)

* 11. Other Comments, Suggestions

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