The Town of Westlock is currently reviewing their Off-Site Levy Bylaw and we want to hear from you!

What is an off-site levy?
An off-site levy helps pay for roads and municipal utility systems, such as water, storm, sanitary sewer required outside or “off” the site of a particular development or subdivision that will directly or indirectly serve that development. Developers pay for the full cost of infrastructure, but are assisting the municipality by contributing to the costs of growth by paying a ‘levy’ towards capital costs related to things like storage, transmission or treatment of supplying water; new or
expanded facilities for the treatment, movement or disposal of sanitary sewage; new or expanded storm sewer drainage and new or expanded roads required for growth.

Current Vs. Proposed Rate
The Town of Westlock has engaged McElhanney Ltd. to calculate the off-site levy rates. The below table represents the current rate vs. the proposed rate.

Infrastructure Type Current Rate Per Ha* Proposed Rate Per Ha
Transportation $39,697 -
Water $43,398 $35,541.67
Sanitary $14.123 $24,862.50
Stormwater Not Included $15,769.24
Total $100,218 $75,996.08

How the Rate was Derived
The proposed rate was calculated utilizing a cash flow project model. The model uses assumptions for growth, interest & financing rates, and inflation to determine the levy. The below map shows the total development area that was included in the levy calculation. The proposed rate will be applicable town-wide.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide your comments and feedback on the proposed off-site levy bylaw.