Please help us improve future National Earthquake Program Manager's (NEPM) meetings by completing this brief feedback form and survey.  Thank you,

NEPM Organizing Committee

* 1. Rate the effectiveness of NEPM sessions/presentations. Provide any comments or additional feedback in the "other" box.

  Highly Effective Effective Somewhat Effective Not Effective N/A - Didn't Attend
General Session Presentations/Topics
Locally Relevant Presentations
Update Presentations
Breakout Sessions

* 2. Please provide suggestions on topics you would like to see. For example:
 - Earthquake Program Enhancement (i.e exposure to other earthquake focused efforts, social science, engineering, etc).
 - Program Education (i.e. New earthquake program managers orientation)
 - Program Resources (i.e. where/how to find alternative funding sources to support EQ program activities)

Please be specific with your comments.

* 4. Rate the Facilities & Overall Meeting Experience. Provide any comments or additional feedback in the "other" box.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A - Didn't Attend
Pre-Meeting Communications/Announcements
Online Registration
Registration/Meeting Support Staff
Meeting Audio/Visual
Meeting Facilities
Venue Choice/Accommodations

* 5. Please provide any comments on the meeting location and the travel times.  Did you enjoy the meeting location, find it easy or difficult to get to, was it economical or expensive for you, etc.

* 6. Please rank your preference for the general location/region of the 2018 NEPM Meeting.  After a general location is decided, we will do a follow up survey with several options to help choose the final location.

Note: Use rank 1 as the most preferable location to you and rank 5 as the least preferable.

* 7. If you have a specific meeting location suggestion, list it here.

* 8. Enter any additional comments or feedback about the meeting you would like to relay to the NEPM Organizing Committee. Feel free to include your contact information for follow up to any issues.