1. The Clarksville School System provides a safe learning environment for my child.

2. The faculty and staff are friendly and welcoming.

3. The buildings and grounds are clean and well-maintained.

4. Teachers have a positive attitude toward my child.

5. I check my child's grades, assignments, absences, and discipline referrals on the school's internet grading program (Home Access Center).

6. I access the internet at home via Planbook.com or Schoology to view my student's lessons, projects, schedule, and

7. Teachers respond to my phone calls, notes or emails within 24 hours.

8. Clarksville educational programs provides the necessary tools for my child to receive a great education.

9. Homework assignments seem to be relevant and of reasonable length.

10. My child's education is important to the teachers and administrators.

11. I read through the student handbook with my child to gain a better understanding of the rules and policies of the school.

12. I have read and signed the School/Parent Compact.

13. I have been provided with the district/building parental involvement policy.

14. I have been provided with explanation of the district's Title I programs.

15. I attend parent/teacher meetings when offered.

16. I volunteer my time and talents at the school when possible.

17. I have visited a Clarksville Schools Parent Resource Center.

18. I prefer to receive school information via (select all that apply)

19. I am a…

20. My child(ren) attend(s) Check all that apply:


District Contacts
Bo Dean, Assistant Superintendent, Title I Programs Director, 479-705-3239
Christel Thompson, Pyron Principal, District Parental Involvement Coordinator, 479-705-3256
Heather Johnston, Teacher, CHS building coordinator, 479-705-3212
Meiko Warren, Teacher, CJHS building coordinator, 479-705-3224
Kim Pledger, Teacher, Kraus building coordinator, 479-705-3240
Jessica Pianalto, Teacher, Pyron building coordinator, 479-705-3256
Angie Yates, Teacher, Primary building coordinator, 479-979-6000

Approved District ACSIP plans are found on CSD website under State Required Information, Current
Comprehensive Financial Data Reports tabs.