Narrator Criteria

In order to participate in the “She Changed the World” Oral History Project, women must meet the following criteria:

- Narrators must currently live in the state of North Carolina
- Narrators must be born in or spent formative time in North Carolina (a county can “claim” them)
Narrators must have done the bulk of the work they are recognized for in North Carolina

- Narrators must have made (or be making) notable strides and/or had significant impacts in/on at least one of the following fields (either state-wide or on a local/community level): Government, Education, STEM, Culture, Athletics, Activism, Business

- Narrators must be willing to transfer copyright of the interview and allow unrestricted access to their interview in the State Archives.
- Narrators must be able to sit for long-form interview (which can be done in multiple sessions if need be) before the conclusion of the project in November 2020.
- Narrators must provide the State Archives with a photo to be included with the oral history collection OR be willing to have a photo taken by Archives Staff for that purpose.
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