Tell me how would you find a doctor

We are building a mobile app to find out a Doctor in Rochester. This survey will help us to know, how can we help the students in their healthcare options?

* 1. Which way did you use to find a Doctor last time?

* 2. Do you prefer to visit doctor in your area who participates in your health plan/insurance?

* 3. How will/do/did you find doctor in Rochester?

* 4. How do you find specialist(i.e. dermatologist, orthopedist) online?

* 5. Which doctor would you prefer to visit?

* 6. Which transit medium would you prefer to reach at unknown destination (place never been to)?

* 7. Do you like to make appointments online?

* 8. Would you prefer to pay in advance(by phone i.e Apple pay or Scan card) for Doctor's appointment?

* 9. Where are you from?

* 10. Any Question/comment/advice/concern for RIT finding Doctor?