Survey about research into psycho-social aspects of cancer in SA

It is apparent that there is a growing number of researchers within South Australia conducting psycho-social research into various aspects of cancer, be that cancer treatment, information and support needs appropriate for coping with cancer, survivorship, family and carer issues, screening and prevention, and other topics.

A South Australian Psych-Oncology interest group (PoCoG) was formed early in 2010, with the aim to establish networking and educational opportunities for researchers, clinicians, survivors and carers to exchange knowledge and ideas around psycho-social issues of cancer.

To ensure activities of the SA PoCoG group are relevant to all researchers, students, health consumers and clinicians interested in psycho-oncology, we would like your participation in a brief survey designed to identify your interests and needs. We will use this as the basis for developing an agenda of activities this year.

Please answer the following short survey questions: