Down Syndrome Family Resource Center

You can make "your" Down Syndrome Family Resource Center better by answering the following questions!

* 1. What needs related to the person with Down Syndrome do you have?

* 2. What do you need from a Down Syndrome support organization?

* 3. Please prioritize the types of events you prefer. (With 1 being the highest priority and 7 being the least important to you)

* 4. Do you have any suggestions regarding informational topics or activities DSFRC might sponsor for our community?

* 5. What are some of your main considerations when deciding whether or not to attend an event?

* 6. What day and time do you prefer to attend an event?

* 7. How far are you willing to travel for one of our events?

* 8. How much are you willing to pay to attend one of our events? We are not currently vendored with Regional Center.

* 9. What are your three favorite resources you use to meet the unique needs of the person with Down Syndrome?

* 10. Do you have any connections that may help us to grow DSFRC? Examples, office space, large workshop room, hospital connections.

* 11. Are you interested in mentoring new parents?

* 12. Are you interested in volunteering with DSFRC?
If yes in what capacity?

* 13. How Often would you like to receive informational emails?