We invite you to spread love for the Dyslexia Cause by donating, spreading your words of Encouragement and tagging others!

Share your own words of encouragement to someone impacted by dyslexia and challenge others to do the same.

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* 1. Write your words of encouragement (20 – 60 words or no more than 250 -280 characters) to a student, teacher, professional, advocate, organization or community in general.  We will create a post using your words.

Ex:  Dyslexics are beautiful, brilliant, resilient warriors.  Don't let anyone ever tell you differently!

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* 2. Your Name or Branch Name? (It will be used in the post).

Ex:  Jane Smith 

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* 3. What 1-3 individuals or entities would you like to challenge to share there words of encouragement? Include their Instagram user name if you know it.)

Ex:  Now I'm tagging Janet Thibeau, Sonja Banks and Karen Huppertz @kbhupp
Thank you!  We will be sure to let you know when your words are posted.  Feel free to create more than one post (maybe one from you personally and one from your organization). Please encourage friends and family to join the fun.