* 1. Please tell me about yourself - your professional background and your experience with business optimization. Please be specific (with key metric improvements).

* 2. What sales and online marketing software do you have experience with?

* 3. What email delivery services do you have experience with?

* 4. We test a lot!
How would you help manage massive split tests within Infusionsoft and provide detailed reporting with recommendations on the results?

* 5. Being an Optimization Analyst requires EXTREME analytical ability to pull the 'story' from data. Assume you managed an email funnel split test and the data wasn't confident. How would you handle this?

* 6. Do you have experience with KPIs like LTV, avg. value per lead, AOV, etc? Please provide specific examples of optimizing these KPIs.

* 7. I am looking for someone who is flexible, can take on a full time role, who is a FANATIC for the details, and who is looking to build a long term relationship with my team. Experience with information products is necessary and we need someone who can rely on their experience to optimize Key Performance Indicators in our business. If this is you, please tell me why you would be a good fit.

* 8. What is your desired compensation?

* 9. Please leave your full name.

* 10. Please leave your contact information (email is best).