* 1. What is your camper's name?

* 2. Which camp(s) is your child attending?

* 3. What are your camper’s strongest qualities?

* 4. What are your camper’s weakest qualities?

* 5. Does your camper have any unusual or intense fears? If so, what are they?

* 6. Does your camper have any behavior or socialization challenges we should be aware of (peer difficulties, temper tantrums, running away, sensitivity, shyness, difficulty following instructions or working in groups, etc)?

* 7. Any food allergies, food concerns, or eating habits to be aware of? (i.e won’t eat hot dogs)

* 8. Are there any environmental allergies we should be aware of?

* 9. What is most important to you that your camper experiences or accomplishes at Nature Camp? (i.e. education, friendship, being active)

* 10. The space below is for you! Tell us anything else you would like your camper’s counselor to know! NO restrictions. You are the author, please use as much space as you need.

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