* 1. Are you looking for opportunities to gain practical experience in your field? If so, what avenues do you currently use to do that? List any sources.

* 2. What are some difficulties you currently face in gaining experience in your creative field?

* 3. Do you find benefits in networking with other Creatives?

* 4. As a creative, what benefits do you seek in a networking website?

* 5. Would you use a website to match your expertise with creative projects

* 6. As a creative, do you use Linkedin to network with other creatives? If yes, why? What are the benefits? If no, why not? List other networks you use to network & showcase your expertise and/or portfolio.

* 7. Would you prefer to work on multiple short-term project in order to gain experience (as opposed to a long-term internship?) Please elaborate how many times and the quality of the experience you gained.

* 8. How have you collaborated with another Creative on a professional project? What obstacles have you faced?

* 9. What qualities do you look for in a collaborative partner when working on a creative project?

* 10. I seek professional opportunities and real-life experiences with small businesses and non-profit organizations to expand my portfolio/resume.

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