CT Municipal ACO Safety Survey

*Please only have one Officer answer per department*

1.What town(s) do you work for?
2.Who do you report too?
3.Are you provided a work vehicle? If so, do you have lights? What color?
4.Do you have a radio? Handheld, in your vehicle, both? Is it monitored by anyone?
5.What safety equipment do you have?
6.Do you wear a uniform during work hours? Does that include a badge?
T-shirt, Street Clothes?
Please Describe
7.Do you have a body camera? Dash Camera?
8.Are you apart of a Union? Please list which one you are under
9.What is your towns population?
10.How many employees does your department have?
Full time, Part time, Kennel Staff, Other?
11.Do you have someone scheduled on call? Please explain...
12.Are any of your officers Post Certified Police Officers?