Are you interested?

The weather is finally looking like it has made a turn for the better. The number of aircraft at Parakai has been steadily increasing yet we all seem to largely be operating individually.
This survey is to get the appetite for club get togethers and fly-outs. 
Its entirely optional but if you can see merit and would like to be involved please move on through this survey so data can be collected in order to set something up.
Obviously by entering your details you will receive emails however your details won’t be shared unless approved.

* 1. Please enter your contact details. 

* 2. Please enter your demographic.

* 3. If you hold a pilot’s licence. What type is it?

* 4. Sometimes there may be spare seats on planes and so ideally there would be a way of people expressing interest to accompany people on fly-outs. Obviously with no guarantees and with owners’ right of refusal.
This is one of many ideas however the more ideas the better.
Please enter any ideas you may have that may make the ‘club’ more interesting to you.

* 5. That’s all for now. Just keeping it simple to collect names.
Blue Skies.