Welcome to the Boston Area Winter Biking Survey!

There's nothing we can do about Boston's harsh winters. But there are some measures we can take to ensure that everyone who wants to bike in winter can do so safely. Cities like Minneapolis, Madison, Montreal, Stockholm, Boulder, and Copenhagen have high levels of snowfall and high levels of bicyclist satisfaction. Help us understand more about your winter riding experiences and needs so we can continue advocating for better conditions for biking in the Boston metro area.

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is for ANYONE who rides a bike! If you ride a bike and you don’t ride in the winter or haven’t yet, we still want you to fill out this survey! It is not intended to only be for people who already bike in the winter.

The survey has 43 questions total but you won't end up answering them all (some are conditional). Participating in this survey should take you no longer than 15 minutes, probably more like 7-10. If you respond by midnight on November 26th and provide your email at the end, you’ll be eligible to win prizes! (Including a new Bern helmet, among other goods!)

All survey responses will be kept confidential and secure. Thank you!