Project MORELs QuickSurvey 

Mycology Market Supply & Demand R&D

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in a very brief anonymous survey and also learn more about our innovative Project Morel R&D efforts.

We have been invited by the National Science Foundation to submit a proposal for the NSF SBIR Phase I seed fund program, and are currently working diligently to meet the deadlines as requested.  
As part of the program submission requirements, we are conducting some simple and more in-depth market research contacts and interviews. The focus is to validate market demand and interest for commercialization of our initial research innovation.
We need your opinion and would value a discussion if you would be so kind. At the very least are 3-4 questions requiring the simplest responses to.  If you want more information now or in the future, send us an email to
1.Are you familiar with, use or have ever used Morel Mushrooms?
2.Would you agree PRICE and Availability are the biggest challenge to [ using-buying-selling ] Morel Mushrooms?
3.If morels were significantly cheaper and easier to get, would you [ use/buy-sell ] more morel mushrooms?
4.If we receive NSF Phase 1 funding for our Indoor Morel Research & Production Project, would you be interest in learning more?
Current Progress,
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