The STEM Institute at UCA is planning to submit a No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part A grant to provide a 2014 Summer Graduate Course OR a professional development workshop. The goals are to use basic robotics to strengthen teachers’ content knowledge in STEM areas, improve teachers’ ability to develop and implement math/science/engineering integrated 5E lessons with robotic engineering activities that are aligned to CCSS and NGSS, model “best practices” pedagogy, and provide participants with classroom materials/training for hands-on math/science/engineering activities.

The purpose of this form is to assess whether there is a need for, and an interest in participating in the project. You are not obligating yourself to anything by completing this form. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Garimella (501-450-5663 or

* 1. Please tell us about yourself (demographic data):

* 2. How interested are you in learning more and receiving professional development in the following areas?

  Interested Neutral Not interested
Science content
Math content
Engineering content
Integrating science & engineering
Integrating math & engineering
Integrating literacy & engineering
Generating multiple solutions to a problem
Controlling test variables and sources of error
Developing a new tool or object
Developing a sketch or model
Designing solutions to real-world problems
Analyzing variables that affect designs
Engaging in argument from evidence

* 3. I know how to integrate science and mathematics with engineering in my curriculum.

  Agree Neutral Disagree
I understand the scope of the work of the engineers.
I understand how engineering is different from science.
I am confident that I have the content knowledge of engineering to engage my students in engineering lessons.
Students in grades 6-8 should have engineering-based lessons in school.
6-8 teachers would benefit from more professional development targeting engineering lessons and how to lead these lessons with their students.
I engage my students in engineering lessons
I know how to facilitate student work during engineering lessons.
I know university engineering faculty I can contact if I have questions about engineering lessons in my classroom.
I know industry or business engineers I can contact if I have questions about engineering lessons in my classroom.
I know university education faculty I can contact if I have questions about how to teach an engineering lesson in my classroom.

* 4. Are you interested in attending an 8 day, 6 hrs. per day, Summer 2014 , 3 hr. Graduate Course, at UCA Conway; and two Sat. trainings during the 2014-2015 school year with tuition paid, $400 stipend and at least $200 worth of classroom books/materials?

* 5. Would you prefer PD credit only (no graduate credit) with a $1500 stipend, and at least $200 worth of classroom books/materials?

* 6. Which of the following training schedule would you prefer?