1. Your top films for use in geography

There are 10 boxes below for details on your personal top 10 films.
You do not have to fill them all in!
Please complete details for as many or as few of these as you wish.
I am interested to know what the balance of top films will be between the old favourites and newer films.

For each film please put:
~ the title of the film eg. "Tsotsi"
~ it's geographical significance for you eg. "to show conditions portrayed in a South African shanty town (Soweto)"
If you can also briefly describe how you have used the clips from the film (eg. freeze framing with students, sound off and students create a voice over etc), that would also be useful.

Many thanks for your time everyone. You can let me know who you are (if you want to!) in box 10, but this is optional.

Click "Done" at the bottom of the survey when you have completed all you wish to.

* 1. FILM ONE (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 2. FILM TWO (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 3. FILM THREE (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 4. FILM FOUR (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 5. FILM FIVE (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 6. FILM SIX (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 7. FILM SEVEN (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 8. FILM EIGHT (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 9. FILM NINE (Title/Significance/Ideas)

* 10. FILM TEN (Title/Significance/Ideas)
(plus an opportunity to say who you are if you'd like to let me know....this is completely optional!)