West Calhoun Neighborhood Priority Survey

The WCNC is looking to you, our residents, to help prioritize neighborhood projects.  Please take a moment to let us know what projects are the most important to you. We will be allocating dollars to the top priority(s).  This is a great opportunity for your voice to be heard and see your ideas come to fruition in the neighborhood.

* 1. Of the neighborhood priorities listed below, please rank them in order of which ideas you feel are the most important.  Number 1 being the most important to you.

* 2. Do you have any other project ideas that were not listed above?

* 3. Do you have any other suggestions for the WCNC? Please add them below.

* 4. Have you been to a WCNC meeting in the last year?

* 5. What types of activities would you participate in if they were available in this neighborhood?

* 6. What would encourage you to attend a meeting or participate in neighborhood events?