Achterman's Syllabus Quiz

This is an "open source" quiz - you may look on the syllabus on Blackboard to answer these questions, but please do it on your own. The quiz is worth 5 points. Please be sure you read/listen to the links (on the syllabus) that talk about multitasking.

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* 1. Fill in your name here.

Dr. Achterman's office is:

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* 2. Dr. Achterman's office is:

Late assignments lose ____ % per day?

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* 5. Late assignments lose ____ % per day?

Please rate yourself:

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* 7. Please rate yourself:

  Yes, this is me This is sometimes me Hmmm....a little I don't have a problem with this
Even when I'm taking notes in class I can't help but swtich to Snapchat, Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, etc
I'm tempted to switch to other things while in class, but I usually resist.
I can resist in class, but I pull out my phone the minute I get out of class (even when walking with friends).
I'm just better at doing one thing at a time.
When my phone dings or vibrates or rings, it's hard for me to ignore it (even when I'm with friends or in class).
In my family _________________

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* 9. In my family _________________