Rose Park Neighborhood is working with Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to describe the impact of high risk and unsafe situations on our streets and sidewalks. We know Rose Park is surrounded with high-risk corridors - but the data hasn't changed speed enforcement or street design. However, as we move further into the dialogue we know that "we don't all experience" the same things, the same way. Feeling vulnerable on crowded sidewalks when others aren't wearing a face mask or jogging while black are experiences that are being shared across our communities. There are many other points of view - all important. We have created this dialogue as part of a 3-part series that will be presented to the City of Long Beach, LB Community Benefit Organizations that organize in this space, as well as SCAG. We want those in government and those that work to influence our communities to know the impact of not feeling safe and the effect it has on the health and well-being of neighborhoods.

Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire, which is divided into 3 questions: How you Feel, Use of Streets & Alleyways and Making it Better.

Question Title

* 1. Select the description that reflects how you feel when walking in each of the areas listed below.

  Avoid if possible Walk with others Walk at certain times Doesn't bother me
Major intersections, like E7th & Junipero Avenue, E7th & Temple Avenue
Residential Intersections, like 8th & Stanley
At the 6th St. Bike Boulevard Traffic Circles
In & around Rose Park at 8th & Orizaba
Walking along sidewalk in Retro Row
Walking or getting out of car on E7th Street
Walking along sidewalk on E10th Street
Walking through alleyways

Question Title

* 2. Below is a list of local access uses in Rose Park Neighborhood. Please identify each area and indicate your preference for street use.

  Dedicated for cars Dedicated for bikes Dedicated for pedestrians Share cars and bikes Share cars and pedestrians Share bikes and pedestrians Not sure/Not a clear choice
Major thoroughfares such as E7th Street
Residential streets such as Junipero from E7th to E10th
6th Street Bike Boulevard
4th Street in Retro Row

Question Title

* 3. Below is a list of Short and Long Term Tactics to Create Safer Streets. Please select your top 3 preferences for safer streets.

Thank you! We will be using your input to build a case for a Street Safe environment in Rose Park Neighborhood. It only happens if those that use it and think about it - share their ideas. If you would like to participate in a follow up zoom discussion on Safe Streets and enter to win a free farm box from Long Beach Farms, please include your name, address & email in the comments section below.

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* 4. Please provide your contact information here to participate in a follow up zoom session on Safe Streets and enter to win a free farm box from Long Beach Farms.

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