* 1. Generally speaking, which of the following best describes your interest in making healthy choices?

* 2. Please rate the importance of the following 'reasons to select healthier choices' when you dine on campus.

  Not at all important Somewhat Important Very important
To lose weight
To maintain/manage my weight
To help manage a health condition
To improve my fitness for sports
To improve my general health
To feel better
To look better
To have more energy

* 3. Please rate how strongly each of the following impacts your personal food choices when dining on-campus.

  No impact Some Impact Very strong impact
The amount of calories
.... of fat
.... of sugar
.... of cholesterol
.... of sodium
.... of carbohydrates
.... of trans fat
If it has fruits & vegetables
.... whole grains
.... fiber
.... healthy oils/fats
.... calcium
.... lean meats
.... poultry
.... fish
If the food is baked (not fried)
.... stir fried
.... sauteed or simmered
If the item is organic
.... locally sourced
.... sustainably sourced

* 4. Please tell us how frequently you eat on-campus.

* 5. What location do you dine at the most on campus?

* 6. Please rate the availability of the following specific healthy food options where you dine the most frequently on campus.

  Poor Fair Very Good
Lower calorie choices
Whole grain choices
Frest fruits
Vegetarian choices
Lower fat choices

* 7. Please tell us what healthy/better for you choices you would like to see added to our menu or made available more frequently where you dine most often?

* 8. How important is having access to nutrition information for the food you eat on-campus?

* 9. Please rate the availability of nutrition information at the location where you eat most frequently on campus?

* 10. Please indicate which of the following on-campus Health & Wellness programs you'd be interested in attending?

  NOT interested in attending Somewhat interested in attending VERY interested in attending
Healthy living/eating workshops/classes
Personal consultations with the campus dietitian (in person)
Health & Wellness guest speaker series
On-campus healthy weight support group and programs
Healthy cooking demonstrations & tastings
Health fairs on campus