* 1. Why do you come to Trinity?

* 2. What keeps you coming?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. How long have you attended Trinity?

* 5. Life Status

* 6. When have you grown most as a disciple of Jesus?

* 7. What did you do?

* 8. How did you do it?

* 9. When has the church (Trinity or any church you have attended) been at its very best?

* 10. What did it look like?

* 11. How did people feel?

* 12. What was happening & how did it happen?

* 13. Who is God calling us to be in order to impact our community?

* 14. What specifically would you feel comfortable doing to help?

* 15. Miracle question: What would it look like if God performed a miracle and transformed Trinity into your understanding of the ideal church?

* 16. What would be happening?

* 17. Why would it be happening?

* 18. How would it happen?

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