Natural Resource Assessment

It shall be the mission of the Muskegon Conservation District to conserve, restore, and protect local natural resources for the public good and for the long-term stewardship of the land. We use Natural Resource Assessments to find out what is important to our community members of Muskegon County so that we can protect the things they love. Natural Resource Assessments are completed every five-years. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey. 

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. How familiar are you with the services and work that Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) provides?

* 3. How did you first learn about the Muskegon Conservation District?

* 4. What best describes the area you live in?

* 5. In your words, what is that primary focus of the Muskegon Conservation District?

* 6. Listed below are the Muskegon Conservation District’s (MCD) primary areas of focus. Please rank, in order of their importance, conservation efforts in Muskegon County over the next 5 years. Rank: 1=Highest, 7=Lowest.  MAKE ONE SELECTION PER NUMBERED COLUMN USING EACH NUMBER ONLY ONCE!

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Land Use 
Surface and Groundwater Quality
Fish and Wildlife

* 7. Pick 5 topics that you would like to have Muskegon Conservation District present on through field trips and informational workshops.

* 8. Which source do you rely the most on to keep you updated on information relating to natural resource issues in Muskegon County?

* 9. What are the strengths the District as a whole should try to enhance?


* 10. Please describe any suggestions you may have as to what MCD can do in the next five-years to become better stewards of the land and serve the people of Muskegon County.