Academy Conversion

* 1. Are you happy that Signhills is an Academy?

* 3. As an Academy, who do you think has overall power to run the school?

* 4. Thinking about some of the changes we have recently made to the school are happy with the following?

  Happy Neither happy or unhappy Unhappy Was unaware of any changes
The changes to the perimeter fencing
The additional changes to the reception playground
Improvements to the toilets and cloakroom areas

* 5. Now thinking about the way the school communicates with you what would you say is the best form of carrying this out?

* 6. Looking at the staff you have contact with would you say they are?

  Friendly and Welcoming Approachable and eager to help Not had contact with these staff members Neutral with my opinion
Class teacher / Teaching assistant
Office / support staff

* 7. Now thinking about a time you may have had an issue with the school or your child has had a problem at school. How well was this issue sorted?

  Above expectations Met my expectations Neither met or did not meet my expectations Below my expectations My child or I have not experienced any problems or issues
By Class teacher / Teaching assistant
Admin / Support staff

* 8. Moving on to the Governance of the school would you say?

  Yes No Not sure
You know who all or some of the governors are
You know who the chair of governors is
You are happy with the way the school is governed
You would like more communication from the governing team
Governance of the school is important to you

* 9. Now thinking about your child are you happy with the following?

  More than happy Happy Neither happy or Unhappy Unhappy Unsure N/A
The support the school provides for your child
The progress your child is making
The school meals they receives
The way the school keeps your child safe and secure

* 10. Last Question. Overall how happy are you with Signhills Infant Academy?