Thank you, Voters! On Track Academy is getting a building thanks to the 2018 bond. Groundbreaking began in October and we will move in Fall, 2021.  

The new building will need a name! Use this survey to give your input; the final decision is made by the school board. 

SPS building names/dedications are considered based on three factors. One: logical association with its location/function. Two: a significant individual/event. And three, a prominent geographic feature. 

We ask you choose your favorite from this list.  You may also make a suggestion of your own based on the 3 factors.  Thank you for your input!

Question Title

* 1. Pick up to your favorite THREE of the following options:

Question Title

* 2. Optional: Please make your own suggestion based on one of the three categories: location/function, individual/event, or geographical location.

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