Media literacy in Philadelphia

Reports and stories about media literacy, information literacy, digital literacy, news literacy, and fake news have become more commonplace since the 2016 election. Throughout Philadelphia, there are many organizations providing programming, training, and education related to these topics. You probably represent one such group! Despite the amazing work being done across the region, there is no central online space that aggregates this information and makes it openly available. 

Our goal is two-fold:
1) To create an online space that amplifies the great work being done by organizations throughout the Philadelphia area in media literacy, digital literacy, news literacy and information literacy, and
2) To share this information with all stakeholders, including the media and UNESCO so that Philadelphia can be recognized as a MIL-smart city. (details in the next paragraph) 

Recently, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, unveiled an initiative to recognize and highlight cities actively promoting their media literacy work. UNESCO calls this initiative "MIL Smart Cities". (MIL is a composite term including all of these “literacies”. The acronym stands for media and information literacy.) The initiative supports and highlights the influence of MIL on a city’s economic growth.

Let’s work together to create a resource that will;
-improve the visibility of our organizations and our work
-encourage collaborations among our organizations
-build media literacy knowledge and skills for everyone in our region

Your participation is vital! 

This survey will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. We have only asked for very basic information. As this initiative develops, we will send updates and invite you to participate further.

Please encourage other organizations to participate in the survey.

IMPORTANT: This survey should only be completed by organizations and people serving one or several of the following: Philadelphia, Philadelphia suburbs, South Jersey, Delaware. 

Thank you. 

(This survey was developed by the Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University. 

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