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* 1. How long have you been a member of BSKG?

* 2. These features of BSKG are being reviewed to determine how to better serve our members. Please rank them as to how important they are to you.

  Not Important at all Mildly Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Charity Knitting
Knit Michigan participation
Learning techniques at meetings
Social knitting (other locations/nights)
Social knitting time at meetings
Guest Speakers
Retreats--overnight trips
Field trips
May Desserts, Coffee, Tea
May Swap and Sale
Sneaky Sheep exchange
BSKG logo merchandise
Silent Auction
Brown Bag Swap

* 3. Which of these field trips did you participate in this year? Please check all that apply. Which of these field trips would you like to participate in next year?

  this year next year
Fall Fiber days at Mt Bruce Station
Local Shop Hop
Knit Michigan
Black Swamp Spinners Guild Fair
Chelsea Spinner's Flock (fall)
Chelsea Spinner's Flock (winter)
Stitch N Pitch

* 4. Rate your skill level:

  Expert Intermediate Advanced Beginner Beginner

* 5. Which of these techniques or topics would you find interesting at a BSKG meeting?

  Not interested at all Mildly interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Fair isle knitting
New stitch patterns
Finishing techniques
Yoga for knitters
Polymer clay buttons
Beads in knitting
Needle felting
Crochet edges, joins and embellishments

* 6. Which of these fiber arts do you engage in?

* 7. How did you hear about the BSKG?

* 8. How can we make the BSKG better? What things do you think need to be changed? What do you love about the BSKG? What needs to remain?

* 9. Would you be interested in a Master Knitter support group at a different meeting time?

* 10. In an effort to give you more value to your guild membership, a long term planning committee will be working to plan events that will interest our members. We want to plan events that will have the maximum participation as we'll be using some of the money the guild has raised through raffles and various fund raisers throughout the years. Please rank the suggested activities and your interest in participating in them so that we can better plan.

  I would not be interested in this I might do this if my schedule allowed I would make a good effort to attend this I would LOVE this!
Inviting a "local knitting celebrity" to a guild meeting
Taking "BSKG Only" classes with a "local knitting celebrity" at a reduced price
Inviting a nationally known teacher to a guild meeting
Taking a "BSKG Only" class with a nationally known teacher at a reduced price
Using BSKG funds to pay for bus trips
Attending a week long BSKG "Knit Camp" at a reduced rate
Special events around lace topics
Special events around cable topics
Special events around fitting topics
Special events around sock topics
Special events around design/pattern writing topics
Special events on Friday evenings
Special events on Saturdays
Special events on Sundays
Special events on Monday (daytime)