For the 16th year, CityBusiness will rank companies doing business in the area according to how well they treat their most important asset — their employees. Eligible companies must have an office in the New Orleans area although can be headquartered elsewhere.

Final rankings will be based on results from the Best Places to Work survey as well as a separate, anonymous employee satisfaction survey the nominator will send to all employees. A CityBusiness representative will be in touch with you after you submit a nomination form to facilitate that survey. Nominations are due 5 p.m. Monday, July 23.

Honorees also will be recognized at a special event and in a special section to run in CityBusiness.

If you have any questions contact Meghan Keen at 504-293-9253 or by email at

* 1. About your company:

* 2. Information supplied by:

* 3. Number of full-time employees:

* 4. Annual salary information. *Please omit dollar signs and commas.

* 5. If there are two tiers of employees, such as attorneys and staff or doctors and staff, please specify starting and median salary information for both categories here.

* 6. In years, average amount of time New Orleans-area employees stay with the company:

* 7. Health care plan.

* 8. Health care options. (Please check all that apply.)

* 9. Benefits available upon hire?

* 10. Paid time off (in days, for an average employee).

* 11. Maternity leave. *Please provide figures in weeks. Do not include vacation/sick days.

* 12. Paternity leave. *Please provide figures in weeks. Do not include vacation/sick days.

* 13. 401(k)?

* 14. Insurance. (Please check all that apply.)

* 15. Monetary incentives?

* 16. Tuition assistance?

* 17. Other benefits. (Please check all that apply.)

* 18. Community initiatives and involvement. (Please detail here.)

* 19. Please detail any other benefits here.

* 20. What improvements has your company made in the past year to become a better place to work? (This could include added benefits, raises, employee morale programs and events and other perks.)

* 21. What is your company’s best benefit or perk? (Please be as specific as possible)

* 22. Please include any supplemental information here.

If you have more information about your company that could not be included in this form, please click here to email Meghan Keen.