Counselling Service Questionnaire

TimeforTalking is committed to providing a service which meets the needs of its clients. In order to help us monitor the quality of the service, we would like to hear about your experience. Please can you complete the following questions by marking the box that best matches your experience and providing a comment about your experience when you are prompted to.

* 1. Name of your Organisation

* 3. How many sessions did you have with your counsellor?

* 4. How helpful did you find the Counselling

* 5. What benefits have you gained from counselling? (You can choose more than one option)

* 6. The most helpful aspect and the least helpful aspect of counselling for me was:

* 7. What improvements to the service would you suggest?

* 8. Would you recommend the service to another colleague?

* 9. Please use the space below for any other comments you would like to make about the service

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.