* 1. What is your current visa status?

* 2. Are you male or female?

* 3. Where are you from?

* 4. Which best describes you?

* 5. How long will you stay in the US? (Estimate)

* 6. Do you have friends or family within 50 miles of Newark, Delaware?

* 7. How many children do you have with you in the US? What are their ages?

* 8. Please rank the following by importance.

  Not Important Not Very Important Somewhat Important Very Important Most Important
Finding childcare
Finding social activities
Making new friends
Finding places to eat
Finding shopping malls
Maintaining my religious and/or cultural beliefs while in a different environment
Practicing English
Finding family activities
Learning about the public school system
Finding a doctor

* 9. 10. Please rank the following based on how interesting they seem.

  Would not participate Probably would not participate May or may not participate May participate Would definately participate
A trip to New York City
A group outing to a restaurant
A trip to a local park
A meeting about the public school system in Delaware
A shopping trip to a local outlet mall
Meetings with native English speakers
A day trip to the beach
Sharing information about your culture with others
Helping other dependents of international students and scholars learn about Delaware and the US

* 10. Please use the following space to explain what would make your time in the US and in Delaware most enjoyable and rewarding.