1. Introduction

Vocational services refer to employment, education and volunteering. This survey is part of the 13 week period of public consultation (in line with Section 11(1) of the Health and Social Care Act 2001) that runs from 3rd January 2007 to 4th April 2007.

We have already talked to many people about the vision for vocational services but this consultation is the first time that we have formally asked you about any specific proposals to redesign services.

We hope that service users, carers, workers in both the voluntary and statutory sector, GPs and anyone interested in mental health and vocational services will read the document and take time to respond.

The proposals are put forward by the Brighton and Hove Teaching Primary Care Trust. This is the NHS Trust responsible for planning and commissioning mental health services. Many different organisations and service users have taken part in shaping what the proposals look like to date.

We will not make any final recommendations about these propoals until after the formal consultation process has been completed and your feedback taken into account.

Please note: You can complete this survey in stages, respondents that return to the survey later will be able to edit their existing answers. Respondents that return to an incomplete survey will be taken to the point that they left off.