Welcome to EuroGOOS TGTT Survey on Status of Tide Gauges Networks

Sea level is one of the critical variables of our environment and clearly one of the marine parameters with higher impact on the coastal population. Sea level measurements along the coasts have been made since the end of XIX century by means of tide gauges that still today represent one of the basic elements for determination of trends in mean sea level, extremes (and its relation to the climate change), tidal computation, geodetic applications, harbour operations and navigation and, more recently, integration in new sea level hazards warning systems (tsunamis and storm surges).

This critical and increasing need of tide gauge data, based on recent coastal disasters and the projections of sea level changes in the future, lie behind the establishment of the EuroGOOS Tide Gauge Task Team (EuroGOOS TGTT: http://www.eurogoos.eu/tide-gauge-task-team/), with the role of bringing together the European and adjacent seas tide gauge communities by: compiling information on existing sea level networks, providing expertise on tide gauge observations to operators and scientists and supporting national and regional sea level initiatives to maintain a permanent and sustainable system.

The main objective of this survey is therefore compiling information on the status and actual needs of the existing tide gauge stations in the region and use it as a tool to convince policy-makers on the importance of funding this basic and crucial networks, in this framework of incresing risks of the population to sea level hazards.

We appreciate your time and cooperation and invite you to provide your own ideas and concerns.

Sincerely yours

EuroGOOS Tide Gauges Task Team

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