How to get involved!

The UMass Civic Initiative is looking for 

Civic Ambassadors:

A Civic Ambassador is an undergraduate student who participates in our summer programs with international visitors. The Civic Initiative has been implementing State Department Exchange Programs since 2005.  We host a number of groups on campus including the Pakistan Young leaders program, where 30 Pakistani college students study in the U.S. for six weeks and reside on the UMass Amherst campus for four weeks. The purpose of the Civic Ambassador is to meet with students and participate in classes and social events while the visitors are in Amherst. Each Ambassador will be required to attend approximately 10 classes and 4 social events during the June and July period. You will be given a menu of choices for attendance. This will allow you to fit it into your work and social schedule. We are looking for the Ambassadors to be available at certain times from approximately the end of June to the end of July

There are a number of options and benefits open to a Civic Ambassador.

o   You are eligible for a one credit Political Science Credit course offered through Continuing Education. 

o   You become eligible for Independent Study research with Dr. Hannahan in the Fall Semester. The research will be based on your summer experience and your academic interest. 

o   You will become eligible for future employment with the Civic Initiative.

o   You will be playing a small part in fighting the hate we so often hear from around the world and from some of our own politicians.

Interested in an ambassador position