Open petitions: Active Living & Active Neighborhoods (ALAN); Creative Arts & Health

SOPHE members have the ability to petition for newly created Communities of Practice, which serve as a dedicated platform for members with a interest to engage in professional development, health education and health promotion around the given topic. 
Active Living & Active Neighborhoods (ALAN)
Chairpersons: Robbie Chaney, Brigham Young University & Barb Clint, Cleveland YMCA
"The purpose of the Active Living & Active Neighborhoods (ALAN) Community of Practice (CoP) is to improve collaboration around active living with a focus on active transportation, including infrastructure and the built environment. This CoP will be of interest to members involved in community based-practice policy and systems work, as well as academicians interested in evaluating the impact of built environment changes on physical activity behaviors, and will serve to share best practices, tools of the trade, programming ideas, and possible opportunities for collaborative research. This SOPHE CoP can serve to support and promote an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to community design which promotes active living, including active transportation."
Creative Arts & Health
Chairperson: J. Hope Corbin, Western Washington University
"The purpose of the Creative Arts & Health Community of Practice (CoP) is to foster the exchange of information and resources related to the use of creative arts in health promotion and education. We seek to share experiences of SOPHE members using the creative arts to promote health and to increase personal agency in healing across many health issues and settings. We include the range of creative arts applications from professionalized art therapies to informal community-based techniques to broad advocacy campaigns. We also embrace the breadth of relevant art forms: including visual arts, poetry, singing, photography, comedy sketches, theater and many more. In addition to practical applications, we seek to build exchange and community around researchers using the creative arts in their research designs (e.g., photovoice, poetic transcription). This Art and health CoP encourages exchange and updates via electronic communications, develops and promotes development of scholarly sessions for the SOPHE annual meeting, delivers or shares relevant webinars, and advocates for articles for submission to SOPHE's journals Health Promotion Practice, Health Education & Behavior, and Pedagogy in Health Promotion on the practical, empirical and pedagogical uses of the creative arts in health promotion and education."

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