I invite you to consider being a member of the 2020 Annual Conference Orchestra, the ACO! Please use this survey format to share information about your instrument, skill, and experience.

My goal is to create an ensemble for everyone with five or more years of experience who wants to play. We may have some music that will be written especially for us to premiere at the conference, and the composer wants to tailor the parts to all participating levels of skill. To help us perform our best, daily rehearsals may be anticipated.

We will be playing for the opening service and additional services as needed. You will receive the music by June 1st for your part, or parts if you perhaps play more than one instrument or are a soloist. You are welcome to contact me with any questions at

Venona ("Nonie") Detrick

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* 1. Do you plan to be at the 2020 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, July 1-5?

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