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1. In which of the following places have you seen or heard information about the Sound of Music Festival? You can select more than one.

2. How many days will you attend?

3. Name three corporate sponsors of the Festival.

4. What forms of transportation will you use to attend and leave this event? Check all that apply

5. For each of the categories below, please indicate how much you plan to spend during your entire visit to the Festival. Each category requires an answer, enter "0" if the category is not applicable to you.

6. How many people, including yourself, are you considering in the amounts from the previous question?

7. Which of the following Festival events and activities do you plan to attend this year? Check all that apply.

9. What is your favourite thing about Sound of Music Festival?

10. Do you have any suggestion for improving the Festival in the future?

11. Do you have any suggestions for website improvements?

12. Where do you currently reside?  Please select one from the choices below.

13. How far do you reside from Downtown Burlington?

14. NON BURLINGTON RESIDENTS ONLY - How many nights will you stay in the region as a result of attending the Festival?

15. NON BURLINGTON RESIDENTS ONLY - In what type of accommodation will you stay?

16. Please indicate which age range you fall into.

17. Would you like to be eligible for the prize draw for a set of four Sweet Seats passes for 2019? (You will need to provide contact information - this information will not be sold or distributed to 3rd parties and will be used only for the purpose of awarding the prize). The winner will be drawn on June 30 and contacted via email.

18. Would you like to subscribe to a quarterly Sound of Music Festival newsletter and have line-up releases, and Festival news delivered to your inbox?  Your email address will only be used for this purpose.