1. Tech Seminar NMTCS, H. Songhai, Instructor

These are important questions not only for democrats and republicans but for anyone who is unsure about what it means to be black on the planet earth in 2007. It is especially important for every man, woman and child who watches television, listens to the radio, watches movies, surfs the internet, and has a cell phone with camera and video capabilities. The survey questions are drawn directly from Nancy Giles' commentary on the March 4, 2007 edition of the CBS Sundy Morning Show.

* 1. Is presidential candidate Barack Obama black enough?

* 2. Does he appeal to white voters because he is only half black?

* 3. Does Obama's Bachelor's degree from Columbia and his Law degree from Harvard somehow make him too white?

* 4. Would blacks do better voting for someone who truly relates to their experience - like Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani?

* 5. Because Mr. Obama's father was African and his mother white and because he grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, does that mean that he cannot relate to the authentic black experience?

* 6. What does not black enough mean?

* 7. Are you more black if you grew up in an all black neighborhood?

* 8. Are you less black if you grew up around a mix of cultures?

* 9. Is hair a part of this equation? If your hair is natural, does that make you more black?

* 10. If sounding black means speaking one way, would Martin Luther King, Jr. have been accused of sounding white?