Thank you for participating in our survey.  This survey is designed to assess the performance and quality of a potential FBCG web streaming service alternative.

* 1. Is this your first time taking the survey?

* 2. Did you experience improvements from your last visit?

* 3. Was the new web streaming service easy to use?

* 4. What web browser did you use to view our broadcast? (ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser)

* 5. How does it compare to our current web streaming service?

* 6. Did you experience performance issues while streaming?

* 7. What other features or improvements would you like to see added to this web streaming service alternative?

* 8. Which worship service did you view?

* 9. How did you connect to watch the online service?

* 10. What device did you use to connect to the online service?

* 11. If you experienced any issues with the new streaming service, briefly describe the issues below. If you would like us to contact you regarding your concerns, please include your name and email address.