On behalf of the VetPartners Program Committee and Board, thanks for being an important part of the 2017 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. We'd love to hear your feedback on the meeting. Please take a few moments to answer these important questions that will inform our planning for future meetings.

* 1. What worked well at the 2017 Annual Meeting? (What did you love?)

* 2. What should we consider doing better or differently next time? (What could you love more?)

* 3. Can you suggest an innovative idea(s) for a future meetings? (What would you like to discuss or hear about?)

* 4. What key learning(s) did you take away from the meeting? (What will stay with you the most?)

* 5. How will you apply what you learned at our meet? (What will you change or improve as a result of what you learned?)

* 6. When you think about the money and time you have invested to attend the meeting, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 low, 5 high) how would you rate each of our sessions?

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Ruth Garcia, "Fear Free Pets"
Adam Little, DVM: "Overview of Exponential Change and the Impact of Acceleration Technologies on Vet Medicine"
Adam Little, DVM: "Thinking 10x Better: Linear vs. Exponential Organizations"
Dr. Robert Trimble: "Organizational Redesign for a Future of Rapid Change"
Telemedicine Panel Discussion: Dr. Jane brunt, John Owens, Deb Leon, Dr. Stacee Santi, Dr. Adam Little
Adam Little, DVM: "Clinic of the Future"
Ben Strahan: "How IoT (Internet of Things) Will Change the Service Industry More Than the Internet"
Caleb Frankel: "Bringing Lean Startup Principles to Veterinary Practices"
Aaron Massecar, PhD: "Designing the Veterinary Practice and Developing the Veterinary Practice Team of the Future"
Adam Little, DVM and Aaron Massecar, PhD: "Practice Readiness Assessment"
Committee Meetings
Overall Value of Your Meeting Experience

* 7. Should we consider having a "Stand-Alone" meeting?

* 8. If you could add/take-away one thing to/from our meeting schedule, what would that be?