1. Registration Page

Teachers: Please fill out each question as accurately as possible.

Talk with your students to enter their personal information so that they have the educational packet and information emailed to their account. Remember, there is a limit of 8 students that are able to attend from each school.

In regards to the questions, these are important for the USDA funding we received to host this event, so thank you for your information. All will be held confidential.

* 1. School Name:

* 2. Teacher Name:

* 3. Teacher Contact Phone number:

* 4. Teacher E-Mail Address:

* 5. Our summer camp is offered for two weeks, please select your schools planned week to attend. (select 1)

* 6. How many years have you been an Agriculture Science teacher?

* 7. How many years have you been an Agriculture Science teacher at your present Chapter / School?

* 8. Please report the normal annual number of students in your agriculture eduation program? (please include those students who are not attending the Ag Week)

* 9. What is the percentage of Hispanic students in your Agriculture program?

* 10. You can bring up to 8 students to the camp from your FFA chapter. How many of your students plan to attend?