The standards that underpin the RDR were not developed in isolation. They were created to reflect the expectations of clients and consumers. It is now more important than ever that the advice community work together to create a stable regulatory environment in which our emerging profession is able to develop further and deliver the best consumer outcomes going forward.

We therefore call upon our peers and colleagues throughout the UK to commit to a seven-part framework of support to engender and build confidence first from within our own sector.

“The sooner we can demonstrate pride in our own community, the sooner we can engage in consumer activity to raise the profile of the financial planning profession as a whole”.

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Pride in our Profession Declaration

We will:

1. Refrain from openly criticising or deriding our peers and their processes*

2. Respect that differing business models are not necessarily bad or wrong*

3. Not anonymously join public debates that may in turn bring the profession into disrepute. If we have a view it will always bear our name

4. Talk positively and constructively about our profession to maintain a united voice

5. Remind others that the majority of advisers within our profession operate to the same ethical standards*

6. Inform clients about our commitment to professionalism by our continual updating of knowledge and skills through CPD

7. Demonstrate to our peers that we are committed to working together as a profession by displaying the campaign logo and even when in disagreement conduct ourselves in a way that is consistent with professional standards and respect others’ views

* should we believe there is cause for concern we will follow the appropriate channels.

Signing-up your company/organisation to the Consumer Confidence Campaign is straightforward. Assuming you are in a responsible position that allows you to act on your firm’s behalf in this regard, you simply need to have read and understood the seven principles of support above. Then provide your name, company and email address as indicated below then link to the process driven part of the website where they can download the logo and useage guidelines.

• The Personal Finance Society /CII will not monitor adherence/compliance to the 7 principles of support
• If you have any questions regarding the Declaration or anything relating to the Consumer Confidence Campaign please contact

* Consumer Confidence Campaign declaration